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Big sound and digital clarity have never been easier to create.

A powerful dual-core DSP engine and Class D digital amplifier behind each output channel means you can tweak your sound even further. Want more vocal clarity? Simply push the upper midrange formats and presto... the lead singer steps two feet to the front.

Start building beautiful sound by connecting your blocks.

The replaceable speakers are attached to a robust, fully moveable, 2-dimensional armature. If you need to direct more sound in a specific direction, simply adjust a single speaker. Sonic Blocks allows you to involve your entire space in a music experience.

Sonic Blocks

Build Better Music

Audio Customization

Audition and select the ideal combination of speakers and modules for your own personal music taste.

Future Proof Design

The Sonic Blocks system is easily updated. Your investment retains its quality and value over time.


Start with a Sonic Block starter kit and then expand your system with additional components.


Sonic Blocks can be wired from traditional analog sources or use standard wireless protocols like Bluetooth or WiFi.

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Sonic Blocks

Modular, Multi-Room,
HiFi Audio

Sonic Blocks are perfect for a single room, or the whole house. Put one in the kitchen, den, bedroom, exercise room, and a few in the main living room. Each unit seamlessly links with the main blocks.

Build a sleek, modern sound system faster than ever.

The Sonic Blocks User App provides complete control of your entire system. Use the app to setup a basic system, customize the DSP engine for each driver, and control the distribution of music throughout your multi-block system. Access your entire local or online music library, and stream content from all your favorite services.

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Sonic Blocks
Sonic Blocks Features

Customize. Personalize. Maximize.

No other system offers the combination of customization, personalization, sound quality maximization, and whole house coordination; that is updatable, upgradeable, and future proof.

Quality Audio

Sonic Blocks uses an advanced dual-core digital signal processor for each music channel, allowing you to tweak your sound beyond the best analog equipment. In conjunction with the powerful system amplification, you can expect a booming 90 dB + SPL to meet any undistorted amplification requirement.


Sonic Blocks gives you the option to use either Bluetooth technology or dual band (2.4GHZ & 5GHz) 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi allowing your music to be reproduced in lossless high-fidelity sound. The system can accept high-resolution analog signals, and digital inputs via USB, Ethernet, Toslink, coaxial, and RCA ports.


The DTS® Play-Fi® brain at the core of the system allows your Sonic Blocks to co-exist with other Play-Fi® enabled products, and can support AirPlay®, AptX® and AAC® audio quality. The system application and lossless audio streaming is supported from your Android®, iOS®, Kindle Fire®, and Windows® PC environments.


Mix and match the tweeter, super-tweeter, midrange, full range, and woofers of your system. Keep on eye out for future accessories that will continue to enhance your existing Sonic Blocks system. Sonic Blocks is a completely flexible sound delivery environment. Tailor your own sound to your own preferences.


High-Res steaming




PlayFi® Engine

90+ dB

Dual Class D Amp
Sonic Blocks


Scott Wilker - Sonic Blocks Team
Scott Wilker
Co-Founder & CEO
Jordan Wilker - Sonic Blocks Team
Jordan Wilker
Co-Inventor & Co-Founder
Scott Holmes - Sonic Blocks Team
Scott Holmes
Chief Marketing Officer
Dr. Mark Waldrep - Sonic Blocks Team
Dr. Mark Waldrep
Chief Audio Engineer
Samantha Wilker - Sonic Blocks Team
Samantha Wilker
Co-Chief Giving Officer
Amy Wilker - Sonic Blocks Team
Amy Wilker
CASA & Co-Chief Giving Officer
Gary Reisman - Sonic Blocks Team
Gary Reisman
Chief Strategy Officer
Isa Aydin - Sonic Blocks Team
Isa Aydin
Team Photographer & Videographer
Chris Jacobs - Sonic Blocks Team
Chris Jacobs
Industrial Designer
Steven M. Hoffberg, Esq - Sonic Blocks Team
Steven M. Hoffberg, Esq
Chief Patent Attorney
John Velasco - Sonic Blocks Team
John Velasco
Music Industry Ambassador
Gary “Silky Don” Davis - Sonic Blocks Team
Gary “Silky Don” Davis
Producer & Rainmaker
Dr. Ronald Miles - Sonic Blocks Team
Dr. Ronald Miles
Dept. Chair - Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Ryan Willing - Sonic Blocks Team
Dr. Ryan Willing
Asst. Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Per Stromhaug - Sonic Blocks Team
Dr. Per Stromhaug
AVP - Innovation & Economic Dev.
Taylor Friedman - Sonic Blocks Team
Taylor Friedman
Physics & Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Calamari - Sonic Blocks Team
Matthew Calamari
Mechanical Engineering
Brian Hui - Sonic Blocks Team
Brian Hui
Accounting & Marketing
Michael Galatsky - Sonic Blocks Team
Michael Galatsky
Biomedical Engineering
Aditya Vardhan Velagaleti - Sonic Blocks Team
Aditya Vardhan Velagaleti
Masters of Science
Mahamoud Amin - Sonic Blocks Team
Mahamoud Amin
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jeanju Choi - Sonic Blocks Team
Jeanju Choi
Syracuse University Law School
Justin Burgess - Sonic Blocks Team
Justin Burgess
Syracuse University Law School
Michael Lewis - Sonic Blocks Team
Michael Lewis
Syracuse University Law School
Kyle McDonough - Sonic Blocks Team
Kyle McDonough
Project Manager
Greg Berke - Sonic Blocks Team
Greg Berke
Project Manager
Better Sound. Better Company.

Benefits Corporation

We established Sonic Blocks as a Benefits Corporation, so we not only have an obligation to our investors but to society at large. We "pay it forward" by donating a percentage of our profits to organizations and non-profits dedicated to support the health and welfare of children. The first organization we are supporting is CASA.

Certified Startup NY Company

Sonic Blocks is one of 41 companies awarded Startup NY Certification by Governor Cuomo in July 2014. Based at Binghamton University, Sonic Blocks receives numerous benefits including, but are not limited to, 10 years of tax free operations. Company employees, based upon their filing status, can earn up to $300,000 state and local tax free.

Next-Gen Entrepreneur Outreach

As a Startup NY company we were granted unprecedented access to Binghamton University, as well as the Science & Technology Law Center at Syracuse University. Sonic Blocks engaged with the office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Partnerships, staff, faculty, labs, law students, and over a dozen student entrepreneurs in multiple fields of study.

Women in Technology

Sonic Blocks believes in supporting the fight for gender equality. All women deserve equal pay for equal work, equal treatment, equal influence over the company's development and the opportunity for advancement, ultimately leading to greater financial independence. Let us know your skill sets. We are hiring engineers (EE-ME-SW), industrial designers, social media experts, and more.

Made in America

Our goal is to be able to manufacturer Sonic Blocks in the USA. We feel strongly about putting people back to work in this country. The challenge is finding at least 50% of our parts that are made domestically and we must incur 75% of our total costs in the USA in order to achieve this designation. If not, we will strive for Made in USA of foreign parts, or Assembled in the USA. Let us know if you can help.


Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are extensively trained volunteers, assigned by a Family Court judge, to advocate for the best interests of children who through no fault of their own have been removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect. CASA’s navigate within a severely overburdened and broken system, ensuring every assigned child receives the services they so desperately need.


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